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A Case for EC2


When iLike’s Facebook application took off here is how they handled it: “In our first 20 hours of opening doors we had 50,000 users sign up, and it is only accelerating. (10,000 users joined in the first 12 hrs. 10,000 more users in the next 3 hrs. 30,000 more users in the next 5 hrs!!)” […]

Rails Cookbook


I want to give a quick plug to O’Reilly’s Rails Cookbook by Rob Orsini. A lot of the time when trying to figure out a coding problem, I rely on google searches. Some reference books are so good that if I have a problem, I learn to go to the book first before doing a […]

The AWS folks posted my screencast 7 Steps to Easy Rails Deployment to their articles and tutorials section.

Off to Europe


I’m traveling to Europe today for business. I’ll have spotty email access while in transit.

I’ve turned my capistrano/ec2 deployment recipes into a plugin. Installation is: ruby script/plugin install svn:// I’ve also created a wiki at (link) to facilitate commenting, revising, and editing the recipes. There are several deployment gems out there, such as deprec, RailsMachine, SlingShot’s, and capazon. I prefer a plugin, because the library files are easier […]

The default specs for an EC2 instance include 165GB of local storage. That storage is split between 2 partitions. The default partition (/) is 9.85GB, with the rest in /mnt, which Amazon calls their “ephemeral storage”. One problem that I ran into is the default location for installing applications, including mysql, is the default partition. […]

I had never used a favicon for a site before.  I just added one to my upcoming site. I ran into one small problem that I thought I would add here. I created a 16 x 16 icon, named it favicon.ico and added it to my public folder (not public/images). Yet, the icon was […]