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I had never used a favicon for a site before.  I just added one to my upcoming site. I ran into one small problem that I thought I would add here. I created a 16 x 16 icon, named it favicon.ico and added it to my public folder (not public/images). Yet, the icon was […]

While converting my s3cache to a rails plugin, I could not figure out why when I installed the plugin, the directory structure it created was: -vendor –plugins —svn —-s3cache I did not want it to create the svn directory and instead just have s3cache as the child under plugins. I finally figured it out. Your […]

The below are the step by step instructions I used to set up my EC2 instance for my soon to launch rails app ( It uses Rails and Litespeed as the server. At the end of the install, it makes heavy use of my Capistrano and EC2.rake tasks to install my app. Warning. I’m not […]

I am using EC2 to host my soon-to-launch application. Its great. I use capistrano to manage these EC2 instances. With these tasks, I have automated many sets of EC2 commands into simple rake tasks. For instance, to launch an instance, I can type… rake ec2:run id=ami-61a54008 . ..and a minute or two later I […]